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Coral Nursery at Eden Beach

Coral Restoration Foundation (CRF) Bonaire joined forces with Wannadive to create and build a CRF coral nursery at Eden Beach. Five coral nursery trees are located just north of the dock of Eden Beach, making space for 500 new corals. With the help of a handful of committed coral lovers, no less than 80 Staghorn and Elkhorn coral colonies were relocated from another coral production nursery in Bonaire. Special thanks to WNF for sponsoring the trees and Wannadive's crew Linda, Kim and Alex for their support and efforts in realizing this nursery!

With the launch of the newest coral nursery we are happy to welcome Wannadive as the third dive shop member joining the team and supporting CRF Bonaire. Wannadive will proceed as the newest center of outreach and education for CRF Bonaire, meaning they will offer guided dives in their own coral nursery, sell unique CRF merchandise and will sponsor volunteer dives. Meanwhile the corals will grow accustomed to their new home at Eden Beach and soon be transplanted to the reefs of Bonaire.  Over time Wannadive will also start offering Coral Restoration Diver courses. So Wanna-divers, get ready to become a Coral Restoration Diver and dive for a worthy cause!

Coral Nursery Bonaire
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Coral Nursery at Eden Beach

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