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Welcome @ Wannadive Bonaire (, our dive shop @ Eden Beach Resort in "Divers' Paradise" Bonaire in the Caribbean.

The owner, Bart Snelder, is a dedicated dive professional who operate Wannadive Bonaire with a vision. We hope to provide great casual service with a smile to all of our guests. From the single individual diver to large groups, from the casual 'once a day' diver to the hard core 'never dry up nitrogen addict' we hope to show all of what Bonaire's incredible diving has to offer. Together with our dedicated multilingual crew we dive it all and we invite you to 'dive' into our website and have a look.

Wannadive Bonaire has always specialized trying to provide our guests with a service that enables our divers to enjoy Bonaire's unbelievable shore diving to the fullest. With our extremely convenient scuba-drive-in @ Eden Beach Resort and more pickup/drop off points for dive tanks on the island, we hope to provide a service that guarantees the awesome accessibility to Bonaire's shore dive sites, like no other dive operation can. There are more than 60 shore dives to choose from, a feature that made Bonaire world famous as a dive destination, in fact often named the shore dive capital of the world.

Wannadive Bonaire

What We Offer:
Wannadive Bonaire offers furthermore all diving activities - from half day beginner introduction courses, boat dives and training for all levels and diving for experience divers including technical diving with service points on all sides of the island of Bonaire.

Wannadive Bonaire has always specialized in providing service that allowed their guests to take advantage of that unique natural feature: the awesome shore diving that made Bonaire world famous. With three convenient pick up/drop off service points for tanks, rinse- and gear storeage facilities on the island.


All guests of Eden Beach Resort and Wannadive can use all of Wannadives' service points and beach locations, regardless of where they stay on Bonaire. All this at no extra cost, all hassle free, offering the ultimate ease for the best shore diving known to man. Shore diving can be booked per tank as well as a package deal. To give an example a 6 days package for tanks, weights and air costs $ 195. But we advise you to check out the specials at or

Wannadive Bonaire provides unlimited, every day, boat diving for exploration on Klein Bonaire and the boat dive sites north on the main island of Bonaire. We don't like 'cattle boats' like most divers don't .Our boat crew is know for their professionalism and their way of providing relaxed and '5-star service'. We gladly let you experience our boat-dive freedom concept. Boat diving can be booked per boat dive as well as a package deal. To give an example a 6 days package for 6 boat dives and tanks, weights and air costs $ 345. But we advise you to check out the specials at or

Dive Map

Wannadive offers daily guided diving for divers who come to Bonaire without a dive-buddy or for the inexperienced divers who feel more comfortable diving with a professional. Wannadive provides guided diving for experienced divers as well. A 'custom made week package' is available for all divers ! This is the so called 'fun package'. But off course it is possible to book per guided dive while you are on Bonaire. Check out our website for pricing at or contact us at

Insiders, know the east coast to be the most challenging, exciting and most rewarding diving on Bonaire. Wannadive already offered guided, rough side, east coast diving for years, but only to experienced divers. To make the exceptional diving on the east coast accessible to more people a whole new concept was born.

Lac Bay Bonaire

Wannadive initiated a close working relationship with east coast divers who operate a huge rigid inflatable boat capable of handling any seas, short of inside hurricanes. The boat is stationed at sorobon beach resort where Wannadive openend its newest service point. The boat is staffed with Wannadive-trained crew for your guidance off course. So since januari 2011 Wannadive Bonaire offers east coast boat diving for all levels of divers. East coast diving can be booked per dive as well as in a package deal. To give an example a 6 days package for 2 west side boatdives and a east side/wild side boatdive and tanks, weights and air costs $ 295.. But we advise you to check out the specials at or

Wannadive Bonaire is internationally know for its high level of teaching and training. We offer from the first beginner introduction course for just half a day to a full internship to become a professional dive master within two months. Our instructors offer all PADI, SDI-TDI open water-, advanced-, rescue-diver courses and a wide range off specialties courses. Course prices vary from $ 50 to $ 395. But we advise you to check out the specials at or

Some of our instructors are trained by TDI/SDI which is a dive training agency specialized in technical diving within recreational dive standards. This was with the specific goal to allow our guests not only to get in touch with the basics of technical diving, but more specific, with a wonderful course; 'Solo Diving', which is now available at our various locations. Check out our website for pricing at or contact us at

Wannadive Bonaire has achieved a level of service that is second to none. Our dive facilities have it all and we invite you to come and have a look.

Our Opening Hours:

Wannadive @ Eden Beach Resort: Daily 8Am - 5Pm
Wannadive @ Windsock Beach Resort: Service point

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